Time Trial No.2

Time Trial No.2

Friday, 31 October 2008

Time Trial Helmet

If you have a budget of around £100 ($185), you will be able to buy a good time trial helmet.
The main time trial helmets are;
  1. Giro Advantage - £80
  2. Bell Meteor II - £70
  3. Louis Garneau - £50

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Time Trial No.2

I can tell you that the new equipment definately did help. This race was along a dual-carriageway, which I had never done before, it also had two-lane roundabouts, I don't know how they work because I don't drive. My goal was under 30 minutes, and this is over 3 minutes faster than my first 10 mile time trial, but I had some new equipment, so I was hopeful.
To get this time, I would need to do 32km/h. I started well, staying over 32km/h but for about 1km before the turn, I started to slow down, towards 27/28km/h. I thought that I was just tiring, and started to worry. I went round the turn and realised that it was just the wind, I was going at 36km/h! I didn't keep this pace but kept a good one. I crossed the line, and went to HQ, my time was 29.52 minutes. I came last though, a few seconds behind the pack.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Strange Bikes

Other wierd & wonderful bikes, if you were interested by the trike, there is a whole community of building strange bikes. There are recumbent bike, in which you lie back and pedal in front, and many more.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

How Much?

'Profile Design Aerobars' - £30 - eBay
'Cat-Eye Speedo' - £12 - Local Bike Shop
'Oxonian CC Bike Shorts' - £12 - Club Official
Since Then;
'Louis Garneau TT Helmet' - £40 - eBay - See Here

Getting the Time Trial Kit

As you can see, I am the person with the green jersey. There are two other fully kitted, experienced racers, one with a racing tricycle!
Things I have got since the first Time Trial:
  • Lycra clothing & padded short (very helpful)
  • Clip-on aerobars
  • New Speedometer
I still didn't have SPDs or a TT helmet, I have since got a helmet though.

Photos from Time Trial No. 2